Our community is situated in the Sleat peninsula, in the South of the Isle of Skye and includes the crofting townships of Camuscross, Cruard,  Duisdale and Isle Ornsay. In 2016, our population was approximately 180, including 37 children.


Life in a rural community can be every bit as busy and challenging as any other, but invariably rewarding. Camuscross and Duisdale is a vibrant and dynamic community and we look forward to welcoming you. 

CDI Directors

Camuscross & Duisdale Initiative is made up of people from the area and all walks of life.

Public Documents

Read our latest minutes, historical documents and other useful information.


Learn about the projects and initiatives that we are managing for the community. 

An Crùbh Hall

Classes, charity events, functions… we cater for this and more at the An Crùbh Hall.

Latest from the News

Brand new An Lianag

Brand new An Lianag

A new edition of An Lianag, expertly organised and beautifully put together by Flòraidh and Nicola, is now available on this site ( Newsletters ). All local houses have had a printed copy delivered to their door.

Crowdfunder success

Crowdfunder success

We are thrilled to find that our Aviva Community Fund Crowdfunder has been successful. Our initial ask was for £20,000 so we could meet our share of the costs of installing solar panels on the community hub, and make our woodchip boiler more efficient. Once we...

Starting the conversation

Starting the conversation

Burgers and beers were handed out at a CDI event on 26th August, where the community got together to review progress of CDI, and to start the conversation towards preparing a new Township Plan. About 75 people were there, excluding the babies and very young children....